When I first saw Miles, it was during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. He had just made his debut walking major runway doing the Buckler show. Miles is truly striking with his 6’1″ frame and long locks reminiscent of a bohemian rockstar. Just raw, fearless and confident. I was intrigued to know who this newbie was sandwiched between some pretty high profile models holding his own. Later, I found out that he was with Shawn Zane of APM models. Shortly thereafter, I shot Miles for some portraits with another model (I will feature those shots at a later time). They created magic together that day. However, I wanted to shoot Miles alone too. He is pretty androgynous. We joked during the shoot that he looked like a male Isabella Fontana. hmmmmm. So, I put him in a Calvin Klein collection dress that I found in the garbage outside of a showroom in midtown (HONEST, Swear to God). The dress had been selectively cut so that it couldn’t be resold; but, I didn’t care. Miles rocked it out. Great times. Thanks to Miles and his female counterpart J Lynn for being patient.

Thanks to Shawn Z of APM.


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