Month: November 2010

From Here to Now

Here is a recent editorial of mine currently featured on Fantastics Mag that I shot a few months ago featuring Fredrik Ferrier of Earnest Represents. I have a few images here but please check out the full editorial here.

Thanks to Dhaniel (hair and make-up), James Nixon (the editor/publisher of Fantastics), Cameron Carpenter and Debra Ginyard for providing me with their styling and wardrobe acoutrements, Earnest (Fredrik’s agent) and Fredrik (the model) for helping to make this story to shine.


It’s my Birthday Trannies . . .

Upstaged by Thanksgiving, my birthday has always played second fiddle to turkey and stuffing my entire life during the last week of November. But, babbbbby, when my birthday comes, it is all about fun and venturing to new heights. I have had a blessed year. However, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about my Mama. I miss her everyday of my life. I love you Mama and miss you dearly.
I tip my hat to my family, friends and the many new acquaintances. Thanks to every one; even the haters.

Happy Birthday to me Trannies. Now, let me go get my eat on from my left overs. Holla.

P.S. And, no, this picture is not of me. Just another picture that I took. And, besides, I am Black.

Drive-By_Patrick Day

What can I say about Patrick. Well, we met a couple of years ago. And, I was blown away by his aristocratic beauty. An edgy downtown kid trapped in his very own Ralph Lauren allure. Money face is what I call him. So, finally, I got to take a few snaps of him. He has such expressive eyes and a very sinewy body. A very laidback young man who likes his cigarettes. This is just the first round. Not too shabby for just stopping by after a work out at the gym? Thanks Patty D.

Brian R

So, I have been a little swamped of late. I have been working on a few new projects including a some new magazines and other outlets to showcase my photography. It has been quite busy and madly entertaining along the way. However, with that being said, I have been able to sneak in a few test shoots here and there. One is of a kid that I have known for awhile now. But, we finally found a couple of hours to chat and shoot. Brian is a bit shy but mad funny. So, here is a little something something from my past week.