Month: October 2010

Drive By_Friday-Oscar C

Before heading out to Chicago, Mr. Calderon stopped by to say hello and see you soon. See you later Oscar. And, next time, let’s do an all out production.


We call them FIRE . . .

Sometimes, I am able to shoot some really amazing trannies. Sometimes, they are models; Or, what I like to call ‘real people’ who should or/are trying to be models. Here are three people who caught fire and blazed during our brief time together. Unsigned and ready to zoom. What do you think? Here are J Lynn, Alec and Jessy.

Drive-By Thursday_Kyle Saunders

Look at that face. Stunning, right? Kyle has become one of my closest confidantes. So, whenever he comes to NYC, he drops in and it is usually mayhem in seconds. We gossip like old hens. And, then, we shoot our brains out . . . with my Canon camera of course. We didn’t have much time this time around. But, I wanted to try out a different light that I have that I rarely use (Profoto mononlight for those who care to know). So, you can see some of the results below. As always, even on his off days, this kid KILLS IT everytime.

Thanks Colonel Saunders.