Mercedes Benz SS 2011 Wrap Up

For me, Spring Fashion Week signals the real end of the summer. It is the week right after Labor Day. It is still muggy and hot. But, something just changes in attitude of everyone. So, what does it mean for me? Well, gone are my red Galliano sneakers that I photographed almost every model in before I even worn them once; white shoes/pants/blazers; warm weather and flip flops; and, that valuable, beautiful light that comes through my window for only 3 hours of the entire day. It shines a little less when it gets colder.

But, I love fashion week in NYC. Always an opportunity to stay out late and party. And, catch up with people that you haven’t seen (and, in some cases, glad that you haven’t seen) since last season. This fashion week was a little different. Just a little special. It was at Lincoln Center for the first time. I am still on the fence about this venue. There was a lot more room and it was perfect from a global perspective. But, the fishbowl/gawk fest that was set up for photographers in the middle of the venue was not my idea of privacy to do my work. hmmmmmm but I could deal with that. But, nonetheless, here are my short and sweet over views of this past season. Enjoy.

Favorite Runway Show: Concept Korea

Favorite Male Model: Miles Garber_DNA

Favorite Female Model: Yulia Lobova_Trump

Favorite Collection: General Idea

Best Afterparty: Fashions Night Out_Marc Jacobs Party

Best Presentation: Gant by Michael Bastian

Best Runway Walk Man: Two way tie between Isaac Carew_Nevs and Miles Garber_DNA

Best Runway Walk Woman: Karlie Kloss_Next

Best Spectacle in presentation: Richie Rich

Most Awkward Moment: The J. Sabatino presentation that had an older patron groping the male models and dancing up a storm. Here she is in a group shot.

Biggest Surprise: Seeing Clement Chabernaud in person and watching him make his NYC debut in runway.

Breakout Star Male: Daniel McSweeney_Red Models NYC

Breakout Star Female: JAC_IMG


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