Hey Gang,

Finally, here it is. The new digital issue of Coitus Magazine features my editorial of Jonathan Reis called Reis. Also, for your viewing pleasure, I shot the cover (well, there are four and I shot one of them). The theme of this issue is called HEAT. So, my take on the ‘heat’ theme was to be trippy and hypnotic. Sort of that in between stage of being so tired and sleepy from the heat to the irrational satisfication of taking off all of your clothes to only find yourself sweating more . . . this usually happens when your air conditioner stops working on the hottest night of the year . . . that has NEVER happened to me. Here are some outtakes:

But, for the full editorial please visit Coitus online. Also, you will see additional covers by Pantelis, the creator of Coitus Magazine, Michael Epps, and Giacomo Cosua.

Special thanks to Jonathan Reis who have known since he was 15. He is now 18 going on 19. How time flies.
During our shoot, he brought along his best friend Amanda and her visiting cousin from France, Eduardo. They assisted me during our shoot. It was an awesome Saturday afternoon. The real fun occurred when I was trying to explain to them that Madonna had songs out prior to Hung Up. Pretty funny. None of them had ever heard of Holiday or Lucky Star. So strange, eh?

Thanks to Pantelis for our random emails checking in on one another over these past several months. Look for a print version of issue #2 of Coitus to come out soon.


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