Drive-by Sunday_Ryan Ripley

A good friend of mine visited me this past week from Tennessee. However, with my schedule, we didn’t catch up until today. Ryan is an aspiring fashion designer. And, he brought up a few of his pieces for me to photograph him in. However, we spent most of the time chatting and trying on new clothes that I just “inherited” for photo shoots. Well, Ryan took a liking to my new Galliano sneakers. I got’em for $80 at Atrium. Can you believe it? Trannie Red. So, how did I decide to shoot Ryan in my sneakers? Well, just in my sneakers and in an old blow up chair that I just happened to have hanging around. Yep, a blow up chair from the 70’s. You’ve got to love it.

Thanks Ryan. Travel safely. And, I will see you soon.


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