Andras and Brother Thomas

So,this past Saturday found me shooting a recommendation from fellow photographer Jaime Luca in the name of Andras Bodrog. Andras hails from Budapest by way of Boston. After a few missteps of him trying to find my studio, Andras arrived all smiles and looking quite refreshed for someone who traveled about 5 hours to shoot with me. We shot a few looks for his portfolio, ate some dinner and shot some more. Andras came with his brother, Thomas, who patiently waited at a Starbucks near my studio. Thomas just completed High School and is prepping for his 1st year of college. He was a good sport. So, he was sort of a drive-by, I guess, as I shot him too. This week, Andras leaves for school in Asia where he will continue his modeling career through his mother agency Next LA.Good Luck Andy; thanks Thomas for being so patient; and, thanks Jaime for the referral. Here is one last shot. These two brothers couldn’t look any different.


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