Month: August 2010

Jorge Villarreal

I have shot many new faces for some of the best agencies in the world. But, this past weekend, I shot the first male model who could morph from a lovable man child to a sex siren to a vulnerable lovestruck cherub to a confused wayfarer to a dancing hipster in a smile; in the pulling back of his hair; in a slumped posture; or, in a defiant gaze . . . on a dime. This was the day that I shot Jorge Villarreal.

Originally from Mexico, Jorge lives in Texas now where he had been pursuing a degree in industrial design. However, earlier this year, he was discovered by Sean Bennett of Specimen Models. Now, placed with Ford Models and rebounding from a direct booking for his first major runway show ever, the Bottega Veneta show in Milan this past summer, Jorge is poised to take NYC this fashion week. And, possibly the world? Check out Jorge’s first editorial as presented in The Fashionisto (thanks Carl) and some out takes from our day.

Special thanks to Sean of Specimen Models and Dhaniel of Redken for Jorge’s fabulous hair.


Krista G

Legs for days coupled with her ‘thinking man’s’ beauty, Krista G is HOT. When I was a kid, I used to sneak into Waldenbooks (does this place even exist?) and stuff a Playboy magazine in Family Circle magazine. Oh yeah. A real smart trannie I was. I always got caught. ALWAYS. But, those rare glimpses of of beauty stayed with me. To me, Stephen Wayda and Pompeo Posar (google these cats) along with Marilyn Grabowski, the creative director at Playboy, were the holy grail of photographers. The women were the most sublime and over the top sexy. To me, this is Krista. So, I structured my shoot pushing that envelope. She was game. I like our results. We need to shoot again. Thanks to Krista for our day. And, many thanks to Yeikov for his AMAZING make-up.

I forgot . . .

Well, I have been beyond crazed of late. Yep. I am trying to soar out of 2010. What happened to the summer, right? Well, in my haste, I forgot to post Nic’s trannie print. Oh yeah. Nic had lots to say. And, I forgot to post it. So, while I catch up on getting some shoots in order and some edits caught up, here is one more look at Nic. And, for all of you raincoaters, I did not shoot him shirtless or in his underwear (if you can believe it). So, just stare into his eyes . . . . and you will see more.