Mitchell Brown

So, I have been a bit incogNEGRO this past week. Editing hell is more like it. However, I had a couple of sunny spots. One being Mr. Mitchell Brown of Major Model NYC. Mitchell and I have been ‘friends’ on Facebook for awhile now. And, after some back and forth with his agents, we finally set up a proper shoot date. One thing about Major that you need to know is that you can ALWAYS count on their models to be stunning, confident, in shape and mad sexy. From their campaign boys to their newbies, there is just something about a Major boy. And, Mitchell doesn’t disappoint. He went from being All-American charming to nerdy sexy boy in a blink. It was a perfect escape after a week of non-shooting and sitting at my computer editing. Check out more below. And, also, visit Major’s site to see his campaign shots with Agyness Deyn. Continued Success Mitch.

Thanks to Emma, one of Mitch’s bookers, for setting this shoot up.


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