Popular Post for June_Pawel Milner

So, my most popular post for June was Pawel Milner. My welcome to summer feature of Pawel frolicking on the beach was quite a hit. But, as I have mentioned before, my old computer crashed. So, the only shots that I have of Pawel have been posted with the exception of the below portrait.

So, I was working on a project that might have warranted Pawel’s face and body. Long story short, the timing didn’t work out. But, Pawel stopped by to say hello. Of course, he couldn’t leave until I shot a few shots of him. And, let’s just say this ‘kid’ has grown up and no longer shy. Yep.

But, as I was having Pawel jump around, he fell out of a handstand and bruised his back. Well, this pulled the car over for the night. But, as always, Pawel is always patient and allows me to take my time to set up shots. It was nice to see this ‘kid’ grow up and, now, in a very very serious relationship. Sorry ladies, Pawel is ham and eggs. Thanks P. See you soon.


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