3rd Ward

So, where to begin. This past weekend has been crazy. Great but crazy. But, first, I would like to say that I have finally become a member of 3rd Ward Studios out in Brooklyn. Fellow photographer and friend, Walter Kurtz introduced me to 3rd Ward and I finally took the plunge. It was nice to have real distance from my subjects for a change. Trust me, I love my humble Harlem Studio but it was nice NOT to have to smell someone else’s breath while their taking pictures.

So, I lost my 3rd Ward cherry in true style. I was shooting an editorial for a new zine. In there upcoming issue, I will have two editorial features. For this particular shoot, I needed space. And, lots of it. I do not want to reveal too much. But, you can see below the featured models and a new ally to my team in Lizette Donovan, stylist. I am in editing hell at the moment. But, as usual, there are many to thank: Dorian at Ford, Shameer Khan, Conor at Muse and Coco (of course).

Honestly, the real treat came in the love and support of my fellow photographers. Something very rare for sure. Sorry but it is true. But, Walter stopped by and loaned me some lights; Paul Reitz stopped by to say hello and show some love too(check out Paul’s work. He has a hot book coming out). Thanks guys. However, I know Walter and Paul already. I have come to expect support. So, the real treat came when I was cleaning up the studio space for the next photographer. That said photographer was Dallas Logan. If you do not know Mr. Logan, his work is a MUST see. He is quite the character. You must read his musings on his blog while marveling at his work. Very entertaining. He ,too, was very open and very gracious in welcoming me to 3rd Ward. Dallas even let me take his photo and signed it for my wall of fame. Very cool indeed. Thanks Mr. Logan.

Many thanks to Diandra, Tracy and Anderson my muses for the day. Just you wait.


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