Alex Prinzivalli

So, Mate Magazine has gone into full promotion of their Fall 2010 issue. So, in honor of my constant, selfless promotion of issue 27. which features my work with Alex Prinzivalli, I wanted to share some shots prior to the shoot and a few out takes from the editorial itself. Again, go buy buy buy and support. I received my copies in the mail yesterday. And, I was floored at how Mate printed my story on coarse paper to illustrate the texture in the photos. This was a really nice touch. Something that you can’t experience online. I digress. Thanks again Martin and Olaf at Mate. And, thanks Alex.

P.S. For those of you who asked: Yes, I shot this in my studio in Harlem. I used one light, baby powder, spray paint, and several rolls of duct tape for the set design. One gets real creative on no budget . . . BUT, it can be done.


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