Mate Magazine_Tough Enough Editorial

Well, just two months shy of a year ago, I shot an editorial featuring British model/trannie Alex Prinzivalli styled by the flamboyant yet tasteful Cameron Carpenter for Mate Magazine. Now, mind you, antsy doesn’t even come close to what it has been like waiting for this magazine to come out. But, yet, it is here in all of its splendor. I am very happy for how this little feature has turned out.

Cameron, the stylist, and I have known each other for a minute. And, we have collaborated a couple of times to some beautiful images. So, this time, he introduced me to Alex P. who had been in town for New York Fashion Week. We had a day to put a story together with little money or time to scout a location. So, I revamped my humble studio into a grafitti walled boxing gym a la the 70’s. Add in a water colored/paper drenched post production and you have a Greco-Romanesque Alex P in all his glory. Alex is as beautiful in person as you can imagine inside and out. So, finally, take a look at my new story called Tough Enough in Mate magazine. It is on newsstands NOW. So, please, go buy a copy and support. And, also, see the cover photographed by fellow photographer Rick Day and styled by my friend Andre Austin. Go Dre!

A very very big special thanks to Martin Lewicki, Editor in Chief of Mate, who has the patience of Job dealing with me. Thanks Martin for supporting my vision for this story. And, just so you know, after a full shoot of shooting this story, Cameron and I shot Berthold Rothas until 4 in the morning. So, Cameron a big up to you for bringing a mountain of clothes and allowing me “to play” until 4:00am. And, of course, thanks to Alex P. for trusting my choices and rolling with the punches (pun intended).

To see more of my story, please go to Mate’s website and/or buy a copy at your local magazine retailer. And, if they don’t carry a copy, ask them to get it. And, oh yeah, here is Mr. P’s Wall of Fame outtake too:


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