Joyously Out of Control_Fantastics Mag Editorial

Let the good times roll. I have been fortunate enough to have two of the four editorials that I have shot recently come out back to back. This time, this editorial is being featured in the current Fantastics Mag featuring Haiden Nelson of RED Model Management NYC. The concept of this story was to pay tribute to the original bad ass skater boy that is a flirty mess. When I met Haiden, I wasn’t sure how to shoot him. He is a bit more commercial than the normal models that I shoot. But, there was something sort of “durrrrty” about him but yet fun and innocent. So, instead of doing a full casting as I normally do, I knew that I had my muse for the story idea right in front of me. So, we rocked it out. I took a departure from my normal moody/film noir style to shoot something happy/laughy/funny. The model is actually smiling in my photos. Something new for me. Hey, what can I say. And, I wanted to showcase my talents in shooting more accessible casual clothing that fits EVERYBODY and not the select few.

Also, this was Haiden’s first “adult” shoot. I use the term loosely. So, don’t get too happy raincoaters. Haiden has been modeling since his teen years. He was the guy running through the fields singing Donny and Marie Osmond songs in his old editorials. You know what I mean right? Well, not anymore. So, bloggers do NOT go apeshit over his underwear shots. His body was NOT the point of the story. However, enjoy the view. And, please, enjoy the rest of the story here on Fantastics Mag too.

As always, Thanks Mr. Nixon at Fantastics Mag. And, Thanks to Mr. Dave Fothergill at RED. Nice working with you again Davey. And, a big shout out to Haiden. Thanks for allowing me to push you. And, make me laugh like a bitch on helium too.


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