What can I say about Sloan? Sloan aka Matt and I met through photographer Ethan James. Ethan suggested for us to meet up and shoot. And, we have . . . about 3 times. And, this was our fourth. We were supposed to have a “proper” shoot. But, instead, we decided to galavant through Manhattan on a joyride and shoot “later”. Well, later turned into about 6 hours later. So, where to shoot at 2:00am? Central Park of course. So, loaded with a bag of clothes, a camera with flash, and crazy insomnia in 90 degree heat (at 2:00am mind you), we headed to the 5th Avenue side of Central Park. We stumbled upon rats, a drunk homeless man, a potential drug sell and copious people in the park doing “the do”. Only in NYC, right.

Enough chatter, here is my mini editorial featuring Sloan in a story called “Aimless”.


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