Devon Spence

Could he be anymore beautiful? This is Devon Spence. Devon is quite extraordinary. He is a dancer, gymnast, actor, trannie, model and, above all, friend. This past weekend, we hung out for the day to capture some awesome images on one of the most beautiful days of the year so far. I wanted to capture every aspect of why I think that Devon is so unique. So, he bounced off of walls, had the ladies (and quite a few guys) swooning, broke out in dance and song and kept me laughing all day.

This was the second time that I shot Devon. The first time was all black and white studio shots. It was a short quick shoot. And, about a week after that shoot, Devon left NYC to shoot Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle campaigns. The next time that I saw him was a billboard on the side of a bus. Not too shabby for 21 years old, huh?

Our second shoot was not without some crazy distractions(in a good way). The weather, although beautiful, turned into a serious thunderstorm overcast. I bumped into two very very old friends of mine, Dave Fothergill and George Brown of Red Model Management. And, then, Devon was stalked by some British ladies in the back of a limo (wonder what they were thinking); not to mention cat calls galore from A LOT of strange guys (It is Gay Pride in NYC this week, you know). And, an exuberant shower scene on the pier. Don’t ask. Just wait and see. And, at the end of this day, we met up with one of my designer friend’s, Troy Smith, for the new Joan Rivers documentary. It is a must. Very funny. And, anyone in the industry, will just get it on every level. I have officially made Devon an honorary Mary. Just joking Devon. But, thanks for the day of pics, laughs and fun.

Devon is repped by DNA and Innovative Artists in NYC just in case you are wondering.


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