Drive By_Sangil

Well, it has been a busy week ladies and gentlemen. But, in this past week, I have met some really amazing people. One of whom has the makings of becoming a true overnight sensation if his momentum continues at this pace. His name is Sangil. The word of the month is Beguiling. And, Sangil is oh so beguiling along with regal and unexpectedly sexy. In less than a week, he arrived in NYC, after fellow Los Angeles based photographer Richard Pier Petit schooled him in the finer points of “living” in front of the camera, and landed a contract with Major Model Management. Trust me, that is a feat to accomplish. I wait in anticipation to see what happens now. However, I must admit that Sangil AKA Sam was a challenge to shoot. When I meet a model for the first time, I polaroid them in and out of their clothes(and that doesn’t mean nude wise asses). And, then, I style a quick ensemble and have them rock it out. Or, I hope that they will. Sam was a bit laid back to say the least. And, I am anything but. So, it was a challenge to get him to be more aggressive during our first meeting. However, the next day, he SERVED. He was a bit more prepared for my bag of crazy. He was a good sport for my ideas and aggression. He pranced around in everything from a Levi’s denim ensemble to a Betsy Johnson organza tunic made into a shirt. He let me HAVE IT. Sangil is so androgynous that it all my styling choices just made good fashion sense. Congrats to you Sangil. I will watch your star continue to rise and shine.

Thanks to Sean Bennett, Sangil’s mother agent, for sending him my way. And, for more of Sangil and how he really came to be a model, check out Richard’s blog for more words and stunning pictures. You will be truly entertained.


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