Portrait_Florian Pessenteiner

Look above. This was the very first shot that I took of Florian Pessenteiner. He was waiting patiently as I set up my studio for our portrait session. And, quickly, I stole this shot of him. Unexpected and no posing. However, as soon as he heard the click of the shutter, he preened like the peacock that he is. But, only for a second. He is funny that way. Beguiling, exotic, and mysterious. Qualities that I love in a model.

For my portrait posting of Florian, I was going to post only the studio portraits. However, I had forgotten about these shots in the very beginning. I love them. He honestly let me in for one second. The surprise of the day was that Florian had just cut his famous long locks a few days prior to our shoot. I was one of the first to document this new look. He wasn’t used to it but he worked it.
I mentioned this before, I love taking portraits. I could take portraits every day. I never tire of it. I don’t know why. Maybe it is the conversation that I like having during the process. I find them to be very intimate in a non-threatening way. Since these portraits, I have kept in touch with Florian which is a rarity for me. I can count on one hand of how many of these interactions that materialize into friendship. It is nice when it does. We chat at least once a week via blackberry messenger. Quick bits of London.

Good Luck Florian for Milan and Paris. And, thanks Jody at Fusion.


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