Drive_By: Robby Hutcherson and the Pregnant Lady

Well, this past week has been a mixed bag of sorts. Lots of misunderstandings, endless editing, no time for the gym and rekindling old friendships. However, I have booked a few jobs that I can’t talk about. BUT, they are pretty cool gigs. Really cool. Keep your fingers crossed for me. PLEASE. But, not a lot of shooting as I am used to doing. But, when Life takes over, it TAKES.
So, in my journey as a photographer, I am constantly trying to learn and seek information. So, in the midst of a few drive-bys, my week had me trying my hand at using a new honey comb grid purchased from B&H. Of course, I bought the wrong honey comb (always rushing). I bought a honey comb for my old Speedotron kit instead of for my Profoto kit. So, I forced the honeycomb for the Speedotron onto the Profoto. See the results below:

(Thanks to Dan Metz for entertaining me. He is patient. I am a pill but funny. I am. Mad funny.)

So, on to the Drive-Bys. I had the opportunity to finally meet a model who I have been a fan of: Robby Hutcherson.

After taking a mini-break from modeling, Robby has returned into the fold. I had a quick meeting with him; And, in a few short takes, he delivered a punch. Successively. Robby, however, is a quiet beauty. Not much to say until he is in front of the camera. Absolutely stunning. What do you think? Robby is with Fusion Models.

And, then, I had two very close friends Drive-By. Yep. Literally, cuz, they have an automobile in NYC. For those of you who do not live here, it is revolutionary to have your own car in NYC. Hailing from Kentucky, it is strange NOT to have a car. But, this town is full of scrubs. And, we all ride on the subway. However, not Jon and, money bags Lauren. Jon and I have been friends since before he met Lauren. I knew him when he used to have a strange fascination for figure skater that I swear had a moustache. But, shortly there after, he met Lauren. I shot their “save the date” pics for their nuptials. Unfortunately, I can’t share those photos because that computer crashed about a year ago. And, I no longer have one image. It KILLS me to bring it up. So, I have their card that they signed which isn’t the photo from their nuptials. When they stopped by many years ago, I forced them to sit on the “Shag Me” carpet from my ill fated book by the same name. Keep in mind that I had not quite conquered Photoshop back then. But, hey, learning is a process. Right?

But, now, they are having their first baby. I thought how fitting it was for them to cap off my week of non sense with a shoot filled with happiness, joy and promise. A new life; a new beginning. Seeing how the interacted this time as opposed to the first time that I shot them made me happy. Finding love is the hardest journey. And, I am moved that I was able to capture some genuine moments that had nothing to do with models, actors or fluff. Real life is so beautiful but just as fleeting as beauty is skin deep. I want a baby now.

Thanks to Ryan at MI for Dan and Taylor at Fusion for Robby. And, a special thanks to Jon and Lauren. They brought me Cake Man Raven from Brooklyn.


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