Michael Wozniak and Robynn, The Census Lady

Well, A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to the Harlem Studio. I have been trying to book Michael Wozniak for quite sometime. Let’s just say Mike got a little lost. So, as I was anxiously awaiting his arrival, there was a knock at the door. I ran to the door like a pixie to blindly open it (who does this in NYC?). And, who appeared but a beautiful woman of color holding a stack of government papers. Yep. It was the Census Lady. Ugggghhhh. I know; I know. I never filled out my form. But, Robynn, the Census Lady, was not taking no for an answer. So, I told her that I would only fill out the form if she posed for a Drive By portrait. She laughed hysterically and sat her ass down on my box and gave me the sweetest two portraits this side of the Hudson. I had to oblige. I am Census FREEEEE. Here is Robynn below. Cute, right?

Finally, Michael ‘Da M’fker Wozniak makes his grand entrance. Actually, I had to go find him. But, he is newbie and not familiar with the uptown swagger known as Harlem. But, this boy CARRIED ON during our shoot. Michael won the coveted Vman Ford Male Model Contest this past season. In less than two months of modeling, Michael has been on the cover of the very prestigious Vman magazine, booked Calvin Klein and is, finally, about to strut his stuff on the runways of Milan and Paris. On this day, I shot Michael for a series of portraits and an upcoming editorial. So, for now, I can’t feature his signed card. I want it to be a surprise.

And, one final thing that you need to know about Michael is that he is a Floridian trannie. And, on the trannie ladder, any trannie from the South is the most potent. Fierce, confident, sexy, a modern day hell raiser. Yep, that would be Mikey. We had some fun fo’ sure. Watch this kid fly.

Thanks to Johanna, stylist extraordinaire; Yeikov, brilliant make-up guru; And, Jesse @ Ford. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.


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