Portraits_Lasse Larsen

Who knew that Lucky Strike Bowling would be my ticket in meeting the Great Dane Lasse Larsen. As I was bowling strike after lucky strike, a week or so ago, I saw a face, a Danish trannie, in the crowd that looked very familiar. Well, after that chance meeting, we kept in touch. And, this past Sunday, we shot a few portraits. Actually, the portrait session turned into a Drive By. I can get a little excited when I am shooting a new face and start pulling clothes from every vessel of my studio to shoot. Such was Sunday.

Lasse might be one of the nicest, most gracious persons that I have ever met. Patient and open to go on my photographic journey. And, he is MAD HEALTHY. Someone please get this man a klondike bar. Please. Check out his blog: Look at LasseYou will never want to eat another bacon cheddar cheese burger in your life (wow, was I projecting there). And, you have to love him. He did a commercial with the legendary Cindy Crawford. There will be more to come of Lasse. So, stay tuned.


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