Drive By_The Newbies

Can I say Happy Memorial Day still? Yeah? No? Well, Happy Memorial Day Week. I have been working overtime this week after having a few days off from shooting and editing. But, I managed to squeeze in some Drive-Bys: Greg Kelley (unsigned) and Dan Metz (Models International). My Drive-bys have gotten a bit elaborate this week.  Not sure why. But, there is nothing like seeing Fire and a fresh Dream in the eye of a young guy/girl at the start of their ambitions. It is inspirational and motivating. And, these two trannies were no exceptions.

I met Greg some time ago. And, I thought that he needed to lose a few pounds before we could shoot. Well, about 6 weeks went by. And, Greg called me up to say that he was going to be in The City. Let’s just say that he was AB-solutely stunning (Okay, how faggy to say that). But, it is true. He looks awesome now. Currently, Greg is unsigned. Perhaps, this will change soon.

And, then, we have Dan Metz who is brand new. Dan has been in NYC one week ago TODAY. How about that? Dan is so new that he still has that newborn jelly all over his skin. That’s how new he is to the industry. We were only going to do a couple of portraits. And, then, I decided to test out my Profoto light kit on some new foam core boards that I bought that morning at the Setshop store in Chelsea.  It was only supposed to be a quick lighting test. Well, about 4 outfits later, we had a nice little test completed. You can see the results here.  Thanks to his booker Ryan for sending him my way.


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