The Fashionisto and Coitus

So far, June is starting with a bang. Yep, it is. I have had two mentions from two very notable magazines: The Fashionisto and Coitus. If you haven’t heard of either one of them, then, you are living in Kentucky with my Aunt Betta Ruth (yep, her real name, I swear). At any rate trannies, check out both stories. The Fashionisto is featuring crowd favorite Berthold Rothas. He is being interviewed by Carl of The Fashionisto fame; And, I shot the accompanying editorial. It was styled by Cameron Carpenter. Check out the full story here:

And, the second story was shot for Coitus’ online edition. It features two very sexy and swanky models: Leah Hight from Fusion Models and Kyle Saunders from Ford. This story is called Smoking Hot. It is a short editorial depicting the morning after a night of shenanigans of drinking and tomfoolery. It was an awesome shoot cuz it featured a good buddy of mine, Kyle. You will be seeing more of him as he comes in second place of the person who I have shot the most and thus has a lot of cards on the wall of fame.

Here is a little sample but check out the full story here:


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