Month: June 2010

Copyright and Reposting of Images

Watters with Two T’s: Please respect copyright laws, you are not authorized to copy, publish my pictures without my permission … blog or sites with pornographic or erotic content are prohibited subject to legal action



What can I say about Sloan? Sloan aka Matt and I met through photographer Ethan James. Ethan suggested for us to meet up and shoot. And, we have . . . about 3 times. And, this was our fourth. We were supposed to have a “proper” shoot. But, instead, we decided to galavant through Manhattan on a joyride and shoot “later”. Well, later turned into about 6 hours later. So, where to shoot at 2:00am? Central Park of course. So, loaded with a bag of clothes, a camera with flash, and crazy insomnia in 90 degree heat (at 2:00am mind you), we headed to the 5th Avenue side of Central Park. We stumbled upon rats, a drunk homeless man, a potential drug sell and copious people in the park doing “the do”. Only in NYC, right.

Enough chatter, here is my mini editorial featuring Sloan in a story called “Aimless”.

The Men of Givenchy

In honor of Men’s fashion week in Paris, I would like to showcase two guys who are The Faces of Givenchy who have graced my camera: Manuel Ramos and Jonathan Marquez.

Manuel is with Request. And, he happens to be the very first magazine assignment that I ever booked for a now defunct magazine called Ballroom Rockstar. Yes, even, the first magazine that I ever booked sounds like a guide to find trannies in The City. Who knew, right? Wow. That was so long ago. I shot about 5 models for this editorial called “Fight Club”. It was styled by Charles Wade. All I remember about that shoot was Manuel. He was really shy and just UNBELIEVABLE looking in person. And, if you ever have had the pleasure of meeting him in person, you would be blown away. He is an old school model. And, I should clarify what that means. He is 6’3″; muscular; and, undeniably a man. These were the type of models that I grew up seeing in GQ and Esquire. Not the heroin chic twinks that continue to prevail (not that there is anything wrong with that either). But, also, Manuel is really really nice. I recently bumped into him. And, he is the same “kid” that I met on the set that day. Polite and cautious. I like that. Who knew that the one guy who got passed over would become the face of Givenchy. And, also, considered one of the Men who continue to embody the elegance and sex appeal of the label as he has been hailed in the current French Vogue. Not a bad rep. Below are the only remaining shots that I have that were saved before my old computer crashed.

And, then, there is Jonathan Marquez. Jonathan is with Click and the current face of Givenchy. And, as you know, I have been working on portraits. His booker, Carmelo recommended Jonathan to me. I knew who Jonathan was because I had seen the previous Givenchy show in Paris (online that is; how fabulous did that just sound, right?). I wasn’t sure what to expect because he comes by way of L.A. which can be “extra” (street lingo for “too much” or “Hollywood”) as we all know. But, he came in just steely, cool and very down to earth. We chatted a minute. A lot of people do not realize that he is a musician. So, we had a lot in common about just music and performance. And, then, he let me have it when he stepped in front of the camera. He stared into my lens as if it was his long lost lover. He was just awesome. He opined about Givenchy that day. And, two weeks later, he was on a plane to Paris to shoot the campaign. He was shocked more than anyone. And, if you look at that campaign, he manages to upstage quite a few notables who have had the campaign prior. So, I raise a very toasty glass of champagne to minority brothers who are making things happen in front of the camera and on the runway. I pray for more of “us” there some day. But, until then, bon courage Manuel et Jonathan. Demain vient d’ici.

Drive-By_Marco Massa

This has been a long time coming. Marc Anthony Massa happens to be one of my best friends. Once upon a time, if I ever had ANY idea to shoot, I always tried it out on him first. He, I guess, was the one word that I hate using when it comes to a model/photographer relationship. He was my MUSE eeeekkkkkk. I hate that word so much. But, it is what it was. I have shot him more than any other person. Seriously. There have been others who have come mighty close. But, he might have won that title.

But, as I am always pushing myself to learn a new thing or two, I asked his booker at Fusion for about an hour of his time. I haven’t shot him in a long time. So, I was interested in seeing how our collaboration would be seeing that I shoot one of his best friends often (Berthold Rothas). I shot a few frames of him and a few other models, separately, in some pretty cool clothes that I happened upon. I wanted each model to bring a “thing” to the shoot that personified something about them. Marco brought a hat. Odd choice I thought. He looked a bit like a quaker. But, he has this ethereal almost alien beauty. So, it worked. I present to you one of our first collaborations of the year.

Thanks to Josh at Fusion for setting this up.