Leonardo Corredor_A Portrait Drive By

When you shoot someone that is famous for their body, BUT, you want to re-interpret their look. What do you do?  How do you shoot them?

Well, I chose to mix it up. Just take a google of Leo’s name. And, trust me, you will be a clicking fool for hours on the net. As funny as he is sexy, Leo is the host of Invasion Casera on Telemundo. We threw on my new fave cd Greg Wilson’s Credit to The Edit, Volume 2 mix. You have no idea. Leo shaked his ass, laughed and sweltered in the heat of my studio. Yep. It was a little oven in my place. Thank you NYC for switching the weather so quickly. It was so hot that Leo took his clothes off. Not my idea . . . really.  Look out Beyonce . . . that is all that I am gonna say. BUT, thanks Leo for indulging me. I could shoot portraits every day. I love it that much.


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