Portraits featuring AJ Abualrub

I met AJ about year after he had been featured as the “runner-up” in Ford’s first VMan male model search.  At this point, AJ had been the face of Calvin Klein, Joop, Barney’s, and Uniglo to name a few. And, of course, he has been and continues to be the editorial darling of his generation of models. If this is second place, then, sign me up.

AJ involuntarily posed for my camera after accompanying his roommate to his session with me. He was tired, hungry and ready to leave as soon as he got to my studio. I asked him to sit for a portrait only once. He obliged and gave me 10 minutes. That was it. And, in that time, he went from the most haunting gaze to laughter in seconds. I have never seen a trannie pop it off like that before. Truly one of the most emotionally cohesive shoots that I have ever had. Not one bad shot in the bunch.  He was a true bug out. Funny as hell. I was happy to have been added to the list of greats who have shot him prior.


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