Make Me A Supermodel

For one moment, it seemed as if I was on the TV show Make Me A Supermodel.  Initially, I was meeting a lot of these guys for various assignments. However, in the end, I only ended shooting 4 of them: Casey Skinner, Shannon Pallay, Colin Steers, and Gabriel “The Pout” Zadok Everett.  The show has proven to be a kiss of death. None of them have been able to find any amount of success as the show promised.

Actually, as an aside, I should mention, I met Gabriel a year prior to him being on the  tv show. You can see my stylistic difference. But, also, you will see a project that I had been working on up until a year ago called Shag Me. Gabriel posed for my “Shag” series. I have since abandoned that project. I am not sure what will happen with the images. Maybe I will feature a few of them here.



One comment

  1. I loved this show. Great to see how they’re ding after. Hope there’s still some neurosurgery!

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