Portraits_Protected By Art_Jesse Carter

So, I have a friend who is an unbelievable artist. His name is Jesse Carter. Jesse is a regular renaissance man. He has a published book of poetry; he is a painter; he is well travelled; and, oh yes, Jesse is a male model. Yeah, he kind of F’ed it up with the last moniker. However, he is as beautiful as he is multi-talented, right? Check him out:

So, this past year we collaborated on a project through a company that he co-founded called Protected by Art. Protected by Art is a design company which manufactures one-of-a-kind hand painted case covers for Ipod phones, Blackberrys and Ipod touches. My goal along with Jesse’s talent was to marry his art to my photography.

So, what would my photographs look like, I thought?  You be the judge.

And, just in case if you are wondering, these are what the shots look like withOUT his beautiful work:

Thanks to Kristin and Sam (Ford Models) for sharing their beauty.  And, also, here are a few more outtakes from a prior shoot with Jesse (Thanks to Jesse and his co-founder, Dustin Kime (who is a friend of mine too), for sharing their craft with me.)


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