With just a little luck . . .

the sun will come out and warm things up, I kept thinking to myself.  Well, it didn’t happen. It was so cold. I mean, really really cold. I mean, like trannie cold. And, windy. Very windy. I mean like . . . okay, you get it. However, I got through it with a mighty team: Johanna Laracuente (stylist) and Anthony Thornburg (Fusion Models). I have worked with both prior. See Anthony below from our first collabo:

I got a little ambitious; And, I shot him with the clothes left over from my magazine shoot from the night before; Yeah yeah, I repeated some outfits. Get used to it trannies.  See Below:

On Sunday, this past Mother’s Day, we shot a lil editorial outdoors. I can’t show you any outtakes until we find a home for our feature. But, we kind of messed around with some extra “looks” that Johanna put together.  So, in keeping to my promise of figuring out ALL of the features on my new camera, I wanted to try the 6400 ISO feature. I have never shot film or digital with that speed. So, I shot these images below at 7:30pm. Very little light. The images are really grainy but it works. Sort of ethereal. My settings were: 1/20th sec 2.8 f-stop with no tripod. I am using a 24-70mm lens.

Anthony has grown more hair since our first shoot. He is just stunning. And, he is a trooper for dealing with the cold and a Puerto Rican samurai warrior . . . don’t ask . . . but, it is a good story . . . to be continued some day.

Please visit Johanna @ www.johannalaracuente.com; And, Anthony can be booked through Jody Gordon at Fusion. Thanks guys.


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