A Single Man in Fantastics Mag

I have a new editorial in Fantastics Mag featuring Magnus Stohle (Heartbreak) wearing the Fall 2010 Manuel de la Cruz collection. Check out the entire feature here:  http://www.fantasticsmag.com/node/3283. Fantastics Mag is one of the first places to publish my work. It has consistently been one step a head of the game. NO ONE was publishing online editorials back then. Everyone thought that it was “odd” and “less important”. Well, we know now trannies.

Here are a few shots and some outtakes from that lovely evening with Magnus.

The original story was intended to be in black and white. And, shot a bit moodier. Ultimately, the color format won the day. But, here was the original version:

Special thanks to Magnus, his booker Sean Bennett (Happy Birthday today), Manuel de la Cruz for loaning his brand new collection to me and James Nixon at Fantastics Mag. Below is Magnus’ contribution to the Wall of Fame at the Harlem Studio:


One comment

  1. I don’t know how anyone could choose between the b/w and color. They’re all fantastic.

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