Birthdays and Farewells . . .

So, this past weekend was a mixed bag for me. I do not have favorites of anyone that I shoot. However, I do have a few peeps that I love taking shots of. And, Gadir Rajab ( happens to be one of those people. Gadir is with Ford NYC. However, he hails from Australia. And, this past Sunday, was his big return to his home country.

Gadir is an awesome kid.  So, we met up before he left Sunday morning in Brooklyn. And, he brought a couple of his close model friends with him Michael, Paolo and Matt. What a way to spend Sunday morning, huh?

The BK BadAsses: Michael, Paolo, Gadir and Matt

But, if they day couldn’t get any brighter, it was my boy and fellow photographer, Tarrice Love’s Bday. And, how does a work-a-holic spend their birthday? Working, of course. So, I stopped by to check in to see what he was up to. If you do not know Tarrice Love, one thing to know is that he can sew a mean outfit in a blink. I have always heard about it. But, I saw it with my own eyes. It was pretty awesome. He was shooting two models from Ford: Brandon and Phylicia. Wait until you see what he did. Happy Birthday T.

Mr. Love (yep, that is his real name) creating and brooding for my camera. Check out his work and blog:

And, finally, I had 2 shoots and 2 Go-Sees in the midst of all of the farethewell, birthday fun and Friday night’s drive by shoot. Here is just a quick sample of a couple of those mentions below. One has been a favorite of mine to shoot for awhile, Jared Prudoff of RED Models. And, also, a newcomer by the name of Teddy of Jonathan Keller Management.

Thanks to Troy Smith, a designer at Urban Outfitters. He loaned a lot of his designs for my shoot this past weekend from his D Collection. Thanks Troy.

Go Mayweather Go; And, a shout out to Supersaver (Kentucky Derby Winner).


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