Month: May 2010

One Month Anniversary_Paul and Berthold Encore

Well, it has been one month since I launched my blog. And, I am having fun to say the least. I am happy, and spooked, that I have gotten a lot of attention. I mean, this is why I started this blog. It was to draw attention to my work, right?  But, it is like when you throw a party. You are not sure how many people are gonna show up. And, what drama they might bring when they do. Well, quite a few of you have come to my party.  And, if I am to believe my stats, there have been two postings that have caused a few traffic jams: the shots of Paul Boche and Berthold Rothas and the small res pics of Adam Miller wearing nothing but jewelry. So, in an honor of my one month blog birthday (so silly but humor me peeps), I have dug up shots from my very first shoot with Berthold (including his 1st wall of fame card) and edited some additional shots from his shoot with Mr. Paul B.

And to add, I would like to say a special farewell (for now) to Berthold or Bertie as we call him. He leaves this week for quite a summer expedition in Europe. Continued success Bertie. See you soon. And, Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

Credits: Paul and Berthold shoot; hair/make-up/styling by Coco Bennett

Berthold solo shoot: hair/make-up/styling: ME

Clothing provided by Top Man, H&M, INA, Housing Works, and Joyce Leslie (yep, joyce leslie, now figure out which pieces).


Leonardo Corredor_A Portrait Drive By

When you shoot someone that is famous for their body, BUT, you want to re-interpret their look. What do you do?  How do you shoot them?

Well, I chose to mix it up. Just take a google of Leo’s name. And, trust me, you will be a clicking fool for hours on the net. As funny as he is sexy, Leo is the host of Invasion Casera on Telemundo. We threw on my new fave cd Greg Wilson’s Credit to The Edit, Volume 2 mix. You have no idea. Leo shaked his ass, laughed and sweltered in the heat of my studio. Yep. It was a little oven in my place. Thank you NYC for switching the weather so quickly. It was so hot that Leo took his clothes off. Not my idea . . . really.  Look out Beyonce . . . that is all that I am gonna say. BUT, thanks Leo for indulging me. I could shoot portraits every day. I love it that much.

Drive By Tuesday_Francesco

So, here it is. Memorial Day Week, and, I am still having Drive Bys. I am taking a much deserved break as the weekend looms. And, it looks as if my trip is doomed. But, alas, here it is another random stop. This time it is my friend, Francesco. Francesco has three bands up in Poughkeepsie. He is a true rockstar in every sense of the word. I think that he is a bad ass trannie. I have shot him twice. But, tonight was kind of cool. It is a sort of kick off the summer shoot as it was officially balls hot in my studio.

The second card was tonight. He helped me plan out a new story that I am working on. Kind of a work in progress. We will see.

A few extras. He is not a model by the way. Just a musician.

Portraits featuring AJ Abualrub

I met AJ about year after he had been featured as the “runner-up” in Ford’s first VMan male model search.  At this point, AJ had been the face of Calvin Klein, Joop, Barney’s, and Uniglo to name a few. And, of course, he has been and continues to be the editorial darling of his generation of models. If this is second place, then, sign me up.

AJ involuntarily posed for my camera after accompanying his roommate to his session with me. He was tired, hungry and ready to leave as soon as he got to my studio. I asked him to sit for a portrait only once. He obliged and gave me 10 minutes. That was it. And, in that time, he went from the most haunting gaze to laughter in seconds. I have never seen a trannie pop it off like that before. Truly one of the most emotionally cohesive shoots that I have ever had. Not one bad shot in the bunch.  He was a true bug out. Funny as hell. I was happy to have been added to the list of greats who have shot him prior.

Thank God for Frank showing up

So, this past weekend was sort of a mixed bag. Two no shows and one amazing new actor named Frank Huerta. I mentioned Frank here last week as a drive by. So, finally, this past Saturday was our shoot. We shot more of a lifestyles shoot for a project that he is working on out in L.A.  I was inspired by my shoot with Frank from a blog that I keep to myself.  However, if you read the title of this story that I shot, then, you will know the name of the blog. Amazing. Check it out.

Thanks to Johanna Laracuente for her fresh styling, hospitality and patience. And, the Mother Burger for our after dinner shoot. Yummers.

Drive By Fridays_Made in Brazil

Today is simple. I am saluting the blog Made in Brazil as they have gone “published”. I received my copy of their very first coffee table magazine named after their blogsake in the mail today. And, it is smoking. It has the hottest Brazilian male models from Evandro to Francisco to Edilson. Photographer, Cristiano Madureira , shot the entire issue. It is not so revolutionary as it is mad sexy. AND, it is an awesome way of kicking off the summer. In this issue, my fave was Evandro . He sort of killed it. Very on the money.

So, to celebrate, I am featuring the only Brazilian models that I have ever shot (to my knowledge at least).  And, before anyone points it out to me, I know one of these guys is a famous stripper here  in NYC. And, yes, he IS Brazilian. And, also, two of these models have been featured on the site holding “I love Made in Brazil posters” as you can see. That is their gimmick there. I thought of doing the same here, “I love Sean” or “I love trannies” . . . but too many trannies would be jealous. Yep. They would.