Month: April 2010

Berthold Rothas and Paul Boche

Berthold and Paul, both of Fusion Models, stopped by for what was supposed to be a simple portrait session of two very good friends from Germany. But, I couldn’t resist just an old school face off. So, throw in a few vintage Gaultier chemises, drop crotch pants from Oak and some serious club music, then, you will have the ultimate German trannie face off. Both of these guys come with a high pedigree of A list editorials and runway shows, so, they knew how to work it. A lot of fun and me trying to figure out my new Canon 5d Mark II camera. Thanks to Jody and Taylor of Fusion. And, Paul B, safe travels to Asia.

And, here is just a little something something extra from our time.

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Ned Shatzer

Ned Shatzer gave me this idea to start my photo blog by scanning in “out take” shots from shoots held in my studio which I call the Harlem Studio. Not so creative. But, I bet that you can guess where my studio is now, huh? So, Ned had to be the first cat to scan. Had to be, right? So, here he is TWICE.

Why twice? Well, the rule of the Harlem studio goes as such: Everytime that you visit me at my space, you MUST have your photo taken. And, subsequently, a print will be made and signed for my wall (s) of fame. Ned has two. He got pretty creative with his comments as you will read. But, honestly, if we are close to my studio, I will drag you back to sign a picture. I have documented pretty much every person that I have shot in or around my studio for over 3 years. I love taking pictures. I always have. I do not discriminate who I shoot. However,  I have high expectations of YOU being yourself  in front of my camera. . . no matter what.

Some of the people who I have shot are famous models, actors, rentboys, starlets, hopefuls, mothers, sweet sixteens, prom queens, friends, jump offs,  brides, grooms, accountants and trannies. Oh yeah, trannies. Get used to this word. And, just for the record, I am NOT a trannie.

I have 500 people to scan and counting.

Journey On.

Sean P.