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Watters with Two T’s: Please respect copyright laws, you are not authorized to copy, publish my pictures without my permission … blog or sites with pornographic or erotic content are prohibited subject to legal action

That Window in Harlem . . . The Solo Show

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My first solo view of my work will be on display at The Marc-Antoine Barrois Maison de Couture in Paris. I am soooo beyond excited.The focus will be of the fashion and nude photos shot at “That Window in Harlem” So, you will see a mix of past and current images shot during various times of day throughout the years that illustrate the denseness of light that comes through my ONLY window in my studio.

If you are in Paris this summer, check it out. It will be at the Marc-Antoine Barrois Atelier on 6 Rue de Budapest in Paris from June 1 through July 31, 2015. Show some love if you find yourself in town.

Too many to thank but Marc-Antoine Barrois is at the top of the list. Thanks for the opportunity. And, then, Marco Massa, Kristopher Kelly and Ethan James for clarity, honesty, guidance and the lending of your ears to vent and wallow. This would have not been easy without any of you. And, finally, thanks to all of the models who sat at that window giving my neighbors something to talk about.

GIF Wednesdays: Thibaud and Konstantin

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Moving and shaking on Hump Day, we have Thibaud Tauru (instagram: thibaudtauru) & Konstantin Timm (instagram: konstantin_Timm) both of One.1 Men on the streets of Harlem against that black. Happy Hump Day.


Happy Earth Day too.

Personal Essay

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. . . At What Point Do You Leave?  

At What Point Do You Leave 2

At What Point Do You Leave 3 At What Point Do You Leave 5 At What Point Do You Leave 6 At What Point Do You Leave 7 At What Point Do You Leave 8

At What Point Do You Leave 1

Featuring Zach King (Brooklyn)

GIF Wednesdays: Bruno Endler

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in Moving pictures . . . . Check him out. He is the newest edition to the One.1 men roster.




This Past Week in Photos . . .

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Yes, another busy week of go sees, test shoots and preps for my next editorial shoot. Here are some of the best men that I saw this past week. Check them out. Benin2Ben Adams (ADAM); Instagram: BENJAMESADAMS

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.21.01 AMStefano Berretti (ADAM); Instagram: stefano_berretti


Preston Riggs (ADAM); Instagram: PRESTONRIGGS

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.24.20 AMThe Men from ONE: Konstantin and Bruno;Instagram: KONSTANTIN_TIMM & BRUNOENDLER1

Throwback Thursday: Coitus Magazine

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One of my favorite collages that Pantelis ever put together in my opinion ( I am a bit biased of course). It was a very long shoot with of egos to boot. Fun day but NEVER again.


Happy Thursday.

This Past Week in Photos

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Another great week of shooting some of Men’s Fashion up and coming models. Thanks to all of the bookers for sending your peeps my way.


JacobJacob Evaristi_Adam NYC



Sander Hoeksma_Adam NYC

MosesMoses Gurman_RED NYC



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