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Watters with Two T’s: Please respect copyright laws, you are not authorized to copy, publish my pictures without my permission … blog or sites with pornographic or erotic content are prohibited subject to legal action

Throwback Thursday: Julian Naderer

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Throwing Back to 2012_Julian_6’1″_South African_RED Models_Flake Extraordinaire

But, he owns up to it at least.

Happy Thursday

GIF Wednesdays: Bernat Quintana

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From a John Lennon Hipster to a refined auteur, Spanish actor Bernat Quintana morphed into whatever I told him on this very hot day back in September. I had the honor and pleasure to photograph him during his stay in NYC. And, trust me If you do not know who he is, please, google him. A very soulful and present actor, Bernat is well known for his groundbreaking role in the Catalan soap opera  El Cor de la Ciutat (The Heart of The City).

Happy Hump Day Trannies.

P.S. Thanks to Coco Bennett for the grooming and styling!!!

That Window in Harlem Tumblr

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Check it out my latest entree into the social media world: That Window in Harlem


Joao Sousa (One.1 Men Management)

Joao’s instagram: JCSousa3

One stop shopping to see one of the most active windows in Harlem. Check it out and follow me.

Also my instagram: swatters

And, have a very Happy Friday!!!!!

Giving you the finger for the weekend . . .

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Go use your imagination and create. And, oh yeah, eat some Nutella too!!!


Here’s to the weekend.

Have a great one!!!.

P.S. That dirty FINGER belongs to Mias van der Westhuyzen. You can just smell that nuttiness, right? Viva Nutella.

Drive by: Joao Sousa

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JS 1

6’2_Portugal_One.1 Men_Bedroom Eyes_Classroom Cut-up

Welcome to NYC Joao. And, Happy Friday Trannies.

Portrait: Adam Kaszewski

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool_Adam Kaszewski (Adam/Uno Models). New and Improved. To see much more of this young man, check out my Instagram: Swatters.

Happy Hump Day Trannies.

FINALLY, It’s happened to me . . . .

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And, I just can not hide it . . . .


I have started my very first tumblr. And, it is dedicated to the several hundred photos that I have taken at ‘That Window in Harlem’. Actually, my only real window that gets light. So, please go check out my very first post. My tumblr will feature everything from simple daylight fashion portraits to nudes to objects or just photos of the window through the seasons. I would say about 80% of my studio work is shot at that window. I love daylight above all light sources. But, if you follow my work, you know this already.

Happy Monday. And, please check me out: Follow and Retumble as much as you like. And, I am featuring Mr. Ricardo Baldin as my first tumble. I think that you might like what you see. That Face and Body. Viva Brazil!!!!


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